İltaş Marble Industry, one of the leading companies of the marble industry, was established in Ankara in 2007 to carry the purest gift of nature, marble, to living spaces.
Increasing its production every year through developing technology and its understanding of growth, İltaş Marble is developing rapidly by increasing its investments for products that provide added value. İltaş Marble continues its activities with a total of 10 quarries, 7 in Burdur, 1 in Mersin, 1 in Antalya and 1 in Karaman, which are all equipped with high-tech machine parks and working with a quality and environmentally friendly production approach, as well as a large-capacity and equipped marble factory in Denizli.
Working to become one of the leaders of the Turkish marble industry and one of the best producers in the world summit through stable investment and growth, İltaş Mermer, markets its products that provide continuity to many parts of Turkey and the world, including 80% of exports, through its sensitive and special selection understanding.
Providing its recognition all over the world by its “İltaş Mermer” brand, İltaş Marble Industry fulfills all its responsibilities for the development and progress of the sector through its activities that are pioneers of advanced and modern technology in the natural stone sector. It carries out all the works it undertakes within the framework of all the requirements of professional and social ethics. İLTAŞ MADENCİLİK İNŞAAT SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş., which started its activities in the Turkish mining sector in 2005 as affiliated to İLCİ HOLDING, continues to production as İLCİ BEJ and İLCİ TRAVERTEN.
Started its activities in the sector by the travertine quarry mining, our company does travertine and marble quarries mining operating at full capacity on a total area of 2693 hectares in the provinces of Afyon, Burdur and Karaman. İLTAŞ LIGHT BEJ is produced in BURDUR quarries and İLTAŞ LIGHT and MEDIUM LIGHT TRAVERTINE are produced in travertine quarries in KARAMAN.
Although İLCİ HOLDING entered the natural stone sector in 2005, it provides quality products to all countries of the world thorugh stones from its own quarries in line with the demands by its innovative, environmentally friendly and expert staff.