İLCİ CONSTRUCTION, which first started its activities in the construction sector in 1986, today has become one of the most respected holding companies which includes 15 companies within itself and has come to an important place in Turkey’s largest 500 companies ranking by FORTUNE Magazine.
İLCİ CONSTRUCTION, which was involved in projects limited to Muş province when it started its activities, then continued its growth with a healthy structure by incorporating the developments in the construction sector and the latest technology in parallel with its development and growth. Today; It continues to serve our country with 3000 employees in many sectors including construction, mining, energy, agriculture and tourism.

Proud of breaking many new grounds in the construction industry in our country by its commitments, ILCI CONSTRUCTION realized the construction of “the fifth and sixth longest tunnels in the world” that were built using the Tunnel Boring Machine Method.

It was honoured with the “Contribution to Employment Award” by our President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN for the taxes it paid and the high employment it provided.
Our holding proud of breaking new grounds in many project it undertakes together with a construction equipment group worth more than 100 million Euros continues its work with the same determination in construction, mining, agriculture, tourism and energy sectors.

At the point reached,
Total value of whose more than 100 projects successfully completed projects from dams to irrigation facilities, from highways to hydroelectric power plants, from industrial facilities to oil and natural gas pipelines, from mass housing projects to building complexes exceeds 10 billion dollars and which successfully completed dozens of works under its commitment and delivered to the employer administrations in construction industry,
Contributing significantly to the agricultural culture of both the facility and the region by its 50-million-dollar investment in Çiçekdağı Agricultural Holding, previously held in charge of the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises and then leased by our Holding in 2003 in the agriculture sector,
Providing a serious foreign currency inflow to our country through its natural stone sales abroad in the mining sector,
Through its tourism investments and hotel in operation in the tourism sector,
İLCİ HOLDING, is proud to serve the growth and development of our country, by making no concessions from the principles of honesty, integrity, justice, quality and innovation by preserving its excitement on the first day from the day it entered into business life. While working with the principle of maximum efficiency and effectiveness in every sector it operates together with experienced and trained labour force, İLCİ HOLDING, whose quality of its services was documented by various international awards and certificates both in Turkey and abroad, maintains its leadership by acting with the awareness of social responsibility.
Making a difference with its social investments as well as its economic activities, İLCİ HOLDİNG continues its social investments within İlci Education and Solidarity Foundation in order for all social investments and aid projects to gather under a single roof and to be maintained in a more institutional and effective manner.