Our Mission

We, in construction contracting and its affiliated sub-sectors, complete our commitments in the shortest time possible, at the lowest cost and highest quality, and create permanent works.

While meeting the strong construction contracting sector needs of our country, prove that profitability in the long term is based on quality, contribute to production under all conditions, do quality work, and build trust in us in every way. We can undertake difficult and trim works with special character and  where technical features are predominant, achieve that every work we do is better than the previous one and add value to the investments made to reach contemporary world standards.

Our Vision

İlci is a company that uses the latest technically and economically advanced systems, that all individuals and organizations that have relations with the industry in the international arena recognize, trust, respect and want to work with. It achieved to be the best in certain specialist subjects and is a well-known and trusted name not only domestically but also abroad.

It aims to be among  the first 3 construction companies of Turkey and the top 100 construction companies in the world by carrying the level it has reached to the international arena through doing its next job even better quality and continuously expanding the range of its expertise in the industry.