Metin İlci

Our Founder

03.03.1957 - 08.10.2018

Our company, which started out in 1986 based on the principle that man is the most important resource, continues to grow steadily in close-knit family understanding with all its employees, without sacrificing being honest and straightforward, and also increases its technical competence and capacity with every new project included in the company..

While taking firm steps towards becoming the best in the sector with its well-equipped technical staff, modern working areas and its modern machine park that is expanding day by day, our company especially succeeded in delivering many featured projects, which need to be completed in a very short time, early and in full and gained the appreciation of the related organizations.

While our modern, honest, honorable, successful company with an uninterrupted history for so many years come to these days by taking firm steps, it should be emphasized that we fully satisfy the institutions, organizations and people we do business with. These principles, which are the main factors of our strong position today, and to bring innovations and technology which are the necessities of the time in the sector to our country have been our basic principles..

Our goal is to carry our company, which we established in 1986 in order to provide local services which has become the leading light of the sector by completing important works all over the country and the world, to the third millennium on solid basis.

I would like to express my gratitude to the institutions and organizations that have given us the opportunity to implement their projects and to all our employees who have brought us to today.