Our farm was established on 24.010 decares of land within the agricultural industrial complexes between 1942-1943. Then, 7,635 decares of this land were distributed to the people of the region and the remaining 16,375 decares remained under the State Production Farm. It was incorporated into the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises which was established later and continued its agriculture and livestock activities. Çiçekdağı Agricultural Enterprise was leased on 24.12.2004 for 30 years for agricultural activities. It is aimed to lead the farmers in the region, to develop cooperation opportunities with them and to produce products with high added value for the national economy by implementing an ecologically and economically sustainable business management system through using modern technologies in animal and plant production in our age where the importance of agricultural enterprises based on knowledge and technology is increasing day by day in order to ensure food security in our world where the negative effects of global warming and climate changes will be felt more.