İlci aims for adding value to create better people and society within constructed school projects, funding scholarships of thriving students and further planning projects on education field.

Up to the present, besides undertaken supplies, directly or mediately employment eventuation, full-paid taxes, İlci creates value on society widely under favour of social responsibility projects.

“Afyon-Şuhut Anatolian High School İlci Student Dorms” resumes service afterwards financed and constructed by İlci. The Dorms have 300-bed-capacitated male and female student dormitory buildings including dormitory rooms, dining halls, library and study rooms.

“Muş İlci Construction Religious Vocational School for Girls” which is donated to the Ministry of National Education by İlci, has inaugurated with student registration by 2015-2016 academical year. School satisfies the need of education through 26 classrooms, library and sports hall.

Apart from schools and dorms donations to the Ministry of National Education, İlci supports successful students in need with educational scholarships on a complimentary basis.